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The Ever-Extensive Job Search -- College Student On A Quest

Hello all, tl'dr at the bottom if you'd like to skip ahead. Otherwise, details to follow.
I'm a current college student in my 4th year (I have two more to go due to the addition of a second major during my second year and the intense course load the second major requires), and I'm looking for one of two things -- a full-time job, or a more fulfilling, less retail-based job.
I'm absolutely sick of retail. I'm 22 years old, and I've been in some form of retail sales since I was 15. I began working for an antique/custom creations shop aptly named 'Funky Junk' at that age. After that, I went to work at my local Burger King...that didn't last long. The fast food environment coupled with the horrendous management (and by horrendous I don't just mean the management style...) and the low comparative wage was enough to make me quit after about 3 months.
After that, I was fortunate enough to find a job working closely with a local realtor as her social media manager / office assistant. I enjoyed that, although, due to the small town locale and the demographics of the area, her social media never really took off. That being said, I very much enjoyed working in that environment and being in an office setting.
When I moved away for college, I took a year to focus on my studies, then quickly realized I was going to have to pay for more than I'd expected when it comes to my schooling, due to some familial instability. I quickly found a job with Staples and have been there for a few years now as a Tech Sales Associate (I had some other small jobs in between -- Communication Specialist with the college town's local Armed Services YMCA, Pizza Hut for a short time before Staples had called me about hiring because it seems that when you apply for many jobs, those which you prefer always call you back so far in the future that you gave up on that position...oops tiny rant there).
Fast-forward to today, where I am still working at Staples one day a week due to my manager over-hiring and offering more hours to people who can work essentially full time whereas during school I can only work in between certain time periods. Additionally, I work as the Night Auditor at a hotel in town on Sunday/Monday.
Background history over -- I need a new job.
My girlfriend, 19, also in college with me, has recently began a position at a governmental organization concerned with health & wellness for senior citizens. It's a full-time salary position with travel involved and the option to work remotely due to Covid-19. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit jealous, but also very proud and happy for her. She was able to find a job, get out of her retail position, and be happy in that environment.
I've also left home for good, moved into an apartment with three good gentlemen and purchased my own car and furniture. Long story short -- I have bills to pay. I won't quit retail without a solid backup job, but I'm just so tired of the field.
I've been applying to other full-time jobs that fit within my studies as a Public Relations and English Education dual major (although I can't get an educator job until I'm licensed post-graduation), as well as my prior experience with technology sales and repair. Some of the positions I've applied for include Communication Specialist I with DPS, Slot Tech at the local casino, and as a CSR with a local bank chain. All positions above have sent me a generic response email saying they are moving forward with another candidate. I'm unsure of whether it's my weak retail-centered resume with brief forays into office settings or if it's just my general lack of office experience (which I can't attain because I can't get into that setting to begin with), but I'm growing exhausted of the e-mails of denial.
Does anyone have any advice for getting out of this position, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic?
tl;dr -- tired of retail, love office work or work involving PR, can't get a job to save my life outside of retail, need advice.
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Advice on how to grow/change careers being a jack of all trades?

I currently work as an Internal Auditor where I focus on regulatory matters in the Tribal Casino world in Southern California. I ended up in this position because I was the good at excel and was able to figure out everything on the job. I have a Criminal Justice degree, a PMP certification, very good at math and sales, and generally very good at most new tasks simply because I look up how others have done them and figure out how to apply that to my current position. I am inventive and have two patents in my name that I am trying to sell/license. I created the products by teaching myself CAD skills and made them with a 3d printer and wrote the patents myself.
I am tired of my current job. I don't view it as a career as I have reached my peak and the salary from this view is around $50,000. I have pigeon holed myself so far and am looking for a change.
The main reason I am successful in my current position is because I am able to work with stakeholders and help them fix their own problems. I guide people who are against any new change and show them how we can work together to solve their issues in order to better their departments. I like the problem solving aspect and took a aptitude test which said I would enjoy a Product Management position. But, I have no direct experience in that field at least on paper. I unfortunately do not jump off the page of my résumé and it has limited my ability to get into a new area where I can succeed.
Are there recommendations for someone like myself who is a jack of all trades to look good on paper? Or does anyone have any advice for a career path that allows someone with my skills to be successful?
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Jan/16/2020 :: Daily news collection from Armenia :: Stay informed about the Anti-Corruption busts, Politics, Economy, Diaspora, Daily Life, and more... so you can tell your uncle next time he asks "so what else is happning in Armenia?"

accusations of BHK chief Gagik Tsarukyan extorting a business
A business owner Tadevosyan (hereby Founder) is complaining that BHK chief Gagik Tsarukyan stole a company from him under threats. The full shares went under the control of Tsarukyan's Multi Group company's director Sedrak Arustamyan (hereby MultiSedrak), who is currently under investigation in a money laundering case around North-South highway.
Founder says: "I was threatened to sign a document to give my shares of a fish breeding business to Tsarukyan, or else they said they would retaliate."
A few weeks ago MultiSedrak claimed someone broke into a fish business which is 100% owned by him. They countered the intruder thieves, a scuffle happened, they called the cops on intruders, said MultiSedrak. The intruders were trying to move some fish from that factory to another factory, owned by the intruders. The intruder is the Founder, the man who claims he owned part of the business.
Then a similar incident happened. This time the Founder called the police on MultiSedrak.
The Founder tells the story:
I wrote a letter to Pashinyan and prosecutors to report a crime and business extortion. I created this business from scratch in 2010 with the help of my friend Shaqaryan (hereby Friend). My Friend then sold his shared to me and I became the 100% owner. Then came the former Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan and BHK Gagik Starukyan and said they would help me financially and make my firm powerful in exchange for running the business together. I hesitantly agreed.
34% went to Tsarukyan, 33% to Founder, 33% to Prime Minister Abrahamyan's son Jonik. Tsarukyan promised to make investments in exchange for those shares. However, Tsarukyan only invested a third of what he promised, claiming that there is a financial crisis in the world and he can't invest more.
2 years later, together with the other 2 shareholders, we founded 2 other fish firms, in which we were equal shareholders.
Besides this, PM's son and I were doing another side business together. Tsarukyan got jealous. They invited me to Tsarukyan's dacha to speak with Tsarukyan. He told me that it's against the law for PM's son and me together to do a fish business without him. He then spoke with PM's son about the same thing at my presence. He told us that we can't do a side business, that he invested a lot of money to help us. He then told us that we should quit this business and do our own thing. I think he planned this tactic with PM's son ahead of time because the latter easily agreed to quit after Tsarukyan told him to.
PM's son's shares went under the ownership of a joint business we owned. It was then distributed to us. We became 50/50 owners of this fish factory. The business was worth ~$1. Tsarukyan then decided to get rid of me too. He sent Multi Group auditors to check the business, which was a pretense for giving full ownership to MultiSedrak.
I resisted the takeover. Tsarukyan threatened to destroy me and said «Ես խնամուս ձեռքից խլել եմ բաժնեմասը, հիմա որ դու իմ անունով չձեւակերպես, ես իմ խնամիների հետ խնդիրներ կունենամ: Այսինքն, որ իբր քո ձեռքից էլ եմ խլում» (Tsarukyan apparently pretended the takeover from Founder was only temporary just to show PM's son that Tsarukyan also took the business from the Founder, so PM's son wouldn't feel cheated, in reality, Tsarukyan had no intentions to return the shares to Founder)
This was 2016, Tsarukyan's years of unruliness. He had connections with govt. They brought the papers for me to sign. Tsarukyan was saying "don't worry fam, we got you, it's only temporary, I'm not a son of a bitch (ես շան տղա չեմ, Ծառուկյանն իր խոսքի տերն ա)".
They never returned my shares. In late-2019 I went to MultiSedrak and told him to return my shares or else I'd declare war against them.
In Dec-10-2019 they told me Tsarukyan wants to meet me at the Shangrila casino. They invited me to the table. Everyone was there. Tsarukyan and I separated from the group. I told him I want to end my ties with Tsarukyan. He tried to convince otherwise. I reminded him that it's been 4 years they won't give me my shares back. He said I'll either work at the factory with them, or nothing, and that I don't own any of the factory shares. I said goodbye then. He told me to "siktir".
Next day Multi Group workers and I clashed at the factory. They wouldn't allow my son's fish to be extracted from the waters. Let the law enforcement decide. I'm not afraid of TSarukyan.
The above is the story told by the businessman.
Armtimes outlet contacted MultiSedrak but the latter didn't respond. Armtimes then contacted the Founders Friend who works with Tsarukyan.
Friend says: I was invited to a police station to testify. I'm the director of the fish factory. The Founder came and hindered our work. Police were called. The real owner is MultiSedrak, who appointed me as director. Tsarukyan has nothing to do with this. The Founder is a liar. I don't know when MultiSedrak got the ownership, I was appointed as a director recently. (then how do you know the Founder is lying?)
This story is from yesterday.
There are at least 2 TV channels that could change their logo to add a "corruption" tag. There needs to be transparency in the media field and no monopolies.
There are 2 institutes in the media field: one handles media advertising finances, another measures TV ratings and distributes money based on that. This is the structure that has been monopolized.
Media outlets and NGOs need transparency including their ownership info being public.
The media field is open and democratic, and some corruption peddlers operate networks. At least 2 of them could essentially change their name to add a corruption tag. For example "Corruption Group". (He's referring to BHK chief Gagik Tsarukyan's Multi Group company)
The ongoing media war against the public helps us better fight against corruption. Eventually, they need to have the "corruption" tag, tho. In some instances, I make bets with friends about which corrupt politicians, that are currently going through trials, will be invited and glorified next by such outlets.
Justice Minister Rustam Badasyan: ongoing transparency reforms will envision making media ownership information more transparent. (This was earlier supported and encouraged by a union of journalists and free speech advocates who want to improve trust towards media by increasing transparency.)
TV & Radio laws discussion
The chief of the TV & Radio Committee went to Parliament and asked them to remove the existing law that prohibits local radio-stations in Lori and Shirak provinces."It's an absurd restriction. Even bordering regions, in which radio is a matter of national security, aren't allowed to have it. All free radio waves in provinces should be given to those who want to broadcast", said Tigran Hakobyan.
He then explained the proposed reforms:
The proposed radio-airways reforms should have been done 5 years ago. The current sate of media laws is archaic.
We need to remove restrictions on some equipment requirements so more people can create their own media outlets. The public-sector outlets are currently regulated more strictly than the non-traditional TV medium providers, which creates unfair competition conditions for them.
If you podcast our outlet online or with "new" methods, you'll be free to do what you want, but if you call yourself a TV network and use satellite or TV airways, you should follow a set of standards. This is done everywhere including the EU. The standards require information diversity and non-misleading coverage of news, which we don't have in Armenia today. The new law should regulate this.
About public "multiplex". There is one big airway pipe. They stuffed all channels in that pipe. This distorts the point of Public Multiplex.
What is the point of Public Multiplex? Each country has to have public channels that provide free entertainment and info to population. These public TVs have a strict set of standards in all countries, except Armenia, where it's anarchy. If such rules are implemented, not all TVs will meet the standards. Only the ones that qualify will be in the Public Multiplex. All TVs in this Public Multiplex are free and broadcasted across Armenia.
What are the minimal standards TVs must meet to be in the Public Multiplex? Respect public peace, adopt a humane approach, protect national interests, provide fair news coverage, balance the share of entertainment/info/culture programming, 70% of programming language must be in Armenian, at least 40% of content made in Armenia. etc.
There is an argument around this between free speech advocates and those who want public to receive politically independent and non-misleading information. We are yet to achieve an agreement on this.
European countries have done this. Public Multiplex (minimum social package) still exists to serve the population that doesn't have cable.
Those TVs that don't qualify for the aforementioned standards can continue to operate on the Private Multiplex. This is what we need to create in Armenia. The existing law was created in the past deliberately in a way to prevent the creation of the Private Multiplex. We need to reduce some regulations to encourage Private Multiplex investments.
But some TV networks say it's not financially beneficial to be in Private Multiplex. They want to do their business, they want to decide which share of programming is entertainment (money-maker), what share is in Armenia language, etc. Their ideal vision may not meet the aforementioned standards.
At the same time, they want to continue to use Public Multiplex because it has the best coverage across Armenia.
Only 40% of Armenians have cable TV coverage. TV networks find this coverage too small, so they want to spread their content across Public Multiplex to maximize revenues.
We need to work on making it profitable.
full https://youtu.be/dx1j0toe-hY
Tag: #TVLaw #PublicTelevision #TVreform #TV&Radio #television
"Armenia's anti-trust agency to reveal monopolists in the local media market"
TV & Radio Committee will hire an international auditing firm to audit the media field. It'll verify the reliability of telemonitoring tech to see if it complies with international criteria.
"Taking into account the experience of past years and complaints about the media field in 2019, this year one of the 5 priority monitoring areas will be examining the media advertising market, the mechanisms used to distribute advertising and the relationship between TV companies," chief said.
slaughterhouse laws
Pashinyan about poverty aid reforms: the kids in poor families need help to get education and skills. Those who are disabled should receive full support, but the able-bodied non-workers need to be encouraged to find work. We need a dialogue with the public about this.
A group of farmers was protesting outside the govt building. "Pashinyan says people should stand up and work, but when we do, they take away our ability", complained one butcher, who says his revenues took an impact after recent changes to the law.
The reason is stricter food safety laws regulating the meat slaughtering industry.
Last year a law was passed requiring slaughtering be done in areas that have certain safety standards. A meeting was held between butchers and Food Safety Committee. At the time the plan was that those farmers who didn't meet the standards would sell the animals to slaughtering facilities, who would come and pick up the animals.
The Food Safety administration met the protesters to discuss.
Pashinyan wasn't happy with the protesters' conduct: there is a big garbage bin in the area. When they left the area, there were lots of cigarette butts on the ground. And then they demand us not to increase the sanitary conditions for meat purchased from them.
(ballzy lmao)
The Food Safety Committee conducted audits in supermarkets and a few other chains and found that the meat met the safety standards.
One requirement is the butcher has to have a veterinary document that has a QR code that points to electronic info about the meat's origins, where it was butchered, medical info about the animals. Agency will continue to enforce the new rules.
Food Safety committee met representatives of dozens of slaughterhouse reps and farmers. The certified butcheries signed a contract with the Committee, which requires them to pick up and transport live animals to the butchery area at their own expense, and to transport the meat to its destination at their own expense within a 30KM radius. Prices were set for butchering each type of animal.
People are still allowed to slaughter their animals for personal consumption and festivities, but for business, they need to follow the safety and health standards.
no daily savings time
Govt rejected QP MP Alen Simonyan's bill to adjust the summer and winter clock in March and October. It was meant to add 50 minutes of light time throughout the day.
Based on observations in other countries, in Armenia, it could reduce artificial light usage hours by 9% or up to 1.1bln AMD. But it could also reduce human productivity by 650mln because of some accidents due to people needing time to adjust physically.
Govt found that the bill's math was flawed in some areas and was financially risky. Only 70 out of 200 countries still change clocks. None in EAEU do. 84% of European citizens are against it, and beginning next year the EU states will have the right not to change clocks. Jet flight issues could arise.
Govt will not amend the current law.
Justice Minister Rustam Badasyan met US ambassador Lynne to discuss police and anti-corruption reforms.
Police arrested several members of the criminal subculture.
Getting dragged out of Brabus: https://youtu.be/eEsXLoEyxFM
Healthcare Ministry
Update: Several birth clinics in provinces are set to lose license because not enough pregnant women go there, which damages the doctor's experience and raises the risk of harm to the newborn child. Some clinics had no specialty doctors.
Healthcare Ministry decided to give a few clinics up to 1 year to meet the requirements by finding doctors, etc.
Healthcare Ministry issued a warning to the 5th Channel and a birth clinic for violating safety rules. The outlet went to film a birth LIVE (is this even a thing?). They didn't wear protection. The doctor didn't have a mask. This is concerning especially since it's a flu season, says the memo.
Razmik Abrahamyan is a clinic official accused of child trafficking in the infamous case busted by NSS a few months ago. For years, dozens of kids were fraudulently stolen from parents and taken abroad.
The suspect has bad health and earlier went to the hospital. A court trial happened today.
Mother of a child tells suspect: I hope you have good health until I find my child.
Suspect: our clinic has nothing to do with those adoptions.
Mother: you told me my child was dead, but she wasn't.
Suspect: eh, go search and find her.
Mother: How can I find the child now? You were present at birth.
tax waiver
Govt gave a tax waiver to Nikola International firm to make 1.6bin investments to import and process olives in Kotayk.
Pashinyan: It's too hot in Armenia. If it continues like this we will grow olives next winter. There are already some attempts, but it's not significant on a grand scale.
Last year Yerevan municipality opposition Luys alliance got in hot water for crossing the line and creating bolola. In addition, accusations were made by them that some donors donated garbage trucks to Yerevan in exchange for favors. The municipality provided docs to counter the "favor" rumors. Looks like mayor Hayk Marutyan has had it enough.
Mayor's spokesman says:
A few months ago certain officials began to spread fake news. Then, LHK chief Edmon Marukyan went on TV and said the donors didn't give a truck but rather cash so the city could buy the garbage trucks. A similar thing was said by Luys MP Khajakyan on Azatutyun media.
None of them provided any evidence, and they couldn't because that's misinformation.
Today mayor Marutyan sent letters to both of them asking for either evidence or retraction.
NSS vs army theft
NSS busted 85 tons of fuel theft in the Army.
Memo: a group of soldiers colluded in late-2019 to steal and sell 40mln worth fuel meant for exercises. They got caught while smuggling the next batch. A felony case is launched.
An Armenian soldier was wounded in the northeastern region. That's the area that's active due to Azeri attempts to strengthen their positions. Earlier one Azeri soldier was killed during attempted engineering work.
Pashinyan administration earlier created a group consisted of NGOs and law enforcement to work together to improve transparency whenever a soldier dies and an investigation opens.
The group has sent a petition to re-open one such criminal investigation that was earlier shut down. The request was accepted and the case re-opened.
Civil Aviation chief Tatevik Revazyan worked as a waiter at the ROOMZ restaurant for 4 hours. All tips went towards medical care for a kid named Tigran Amirkhanyan.
engineering labs ArmAt
The Education Ministry's budget for ArMat engineering program, in millions of Drams:
2014: 14 but for salaries only
2015: 23 but for salaries only
2016: 23 but for salaries only
2017: 127 but for salaries only
2018: 187 but for salaries only
2019: 352 but for salaries only, plus 834mln for 284 new lab installations (until this point ArmAt itself was finding cash for labs, now Ministry chips-in too)
2020: 671
5 soccer playgrounds were opened in Gegharquniq... under the snow.
Pics https://armtimes.com/hy/article/178165
Gucci's Armenian model Armine Harutyunyan is back in Italy for a new photoshoot, just so you know.
It all started last year when she went to Berlin to attend her favorite K-Pop concert. A Gucci recruiter saw and asked if she's interested in auditioning. She was asked to fly the next day but she couldn't due to the Visa regime. She eventually did. No makeup or special attire was allowed for the "natural" contest. Alessandro Michele was the judge.
President Sarkissian has been թրև գալ in the Middle East lately. He met Rotana Hotel chief and an investor in Abu Dhabi. They spoke about cooperation.
A 2,000 - 3,000-year-old dungeon, and several 200yo cellar and storages were discovered by archeologists on Dalma gardens located in Yerevan's Malatia-Sebastia district.
They wrote a letter to PM and law enforcement to halt any construction work in the area. Education Ministry confirmed the archeological findings after a 4-day examination. An archeological agency was instructed to preserve the findings.
Disclaimer: All the accused are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, even if they may sound as being guilty. Currency in Armenian Drams unless specified otherwise. Older posts can be found at: PART 1 ; PART 2 ; PART 3 ; PART 4 , credits to Idontknowmuch.
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Anti-Corruption Dec/17/2018: Transport Ministry staff charged with covering up a missing 428mln // Yerevan municipality & ministry staff charged with illegal construction // Mayor's office finds more schools with shady finances // Court protects Pashinyan's free speech // more below...

All the accused are innocent until proven guilty by the court of law. Currency in Armenian Drams unless specified otherwise.
Another Monday, another pile of քաք that դուրս եկավ ջրի եռես․ Take it away...
During the investigation of South-Caucasus Railways company's tax shortcomings, the SIS has uncovered evidence of other crimes. An employee of Ministry of Transportation is facing abuse of power charges.
On February of 2008, Ministry of Transport authorized the lease of Armenian railways to a Russian company for the duration of 30 years, in exchange for 174bln various investments in the infrastructure. The Ministry was authorized to audit the railway company once a year to make sure the contract was being followed through.
Ministry signed a 40mln contract with a third party auditing company for the job. On 2015, the auditors submitted the 2008-2013 audit results, which showed 428mln in under-delivered investments by the railway giant.
The former deputy Minister of Transportation (2nd guy in charge) then allegedly covered-up the audit results and did not notify the law enforcement of the missing 428mln. Criminal case is launched.
Yerevan municipality and the law enforcement have begun a criminal investigation against employees of municipality, various Ministries and government funded organizations, for abuse of power and negligence, which led to illegal building constructions since 2009. The suspects falsified documents on 2012, which also caused harm to residents.
Mayor Hayko Marutyan says they've discovered some schools with as many as 9 deputy directors, all receiving salaries for something that should have been done by others. In some schools, the number of registered teachers was higher than the actual teachers, while the salaries for the non-existent ones were distributed among others. The municipality plans to end the illegal practices. https://armenpress.am/arm/news/958425.html
Ministry of justice will launch a new websites on January, which will allow residents to anonymously inform about bribery and other forms of corruption. https://armenpress.am/arm/news/958446.html
Robert Kocharyan had earlier sued Nikol Pashinyan with an attempt to prevent him from publicly discussing his arrest and trial case. The judge has just denied the plaintiff's request, citing the fact that it would limit Pashinyan's freedom of speech granted by the Constitution. https://hraparak.am/post/860666114
PM's spokesman says Pashinyan has always brought up the issue with weapons supplies from Russia to Azerbaijan during meetings with Putin, after Belarus president Alexander Kuklashenko complained that only Belarus was being "unfairly criticized for a few Polonez weapon sales". https://armenpress.am/arm/news/958382.html
Electoral Committee has certified the Parliamentary Election results. The numbers haven't changed.
QP 88, BHK 26, Bright Armenia 18 seats.
4 out of those 88 QP seats will be held by ethnic minority MPs, who are always part of the government.
The results can be challenged until December 21st.
There is a public feud between BHK and Bright Armenia party leaderships. The Bright's Edmon Marukyan responds to attacks by suggesting that BHK's "oligarch" Tsarukyan should quit politics like the other large businessmen have.
Accuses Tsarukyan of anti-competitive practices in the casino industry. Says BHK has always been pro-Serj and helped him on multiple occasions in past.
He plans to check every Parliamentary session to make sure Gagik Tsarukyan is present, or otherwise has the required valid documents showing a reason for absence. (Tsarukyan rarely attends Parliament despite being an MP).
Says BHK was one of the parties that received 300 uniforms during March 1st 2008, which were worn by hired thugs to commit various crimes. (SIS had earlier released a document as part of the new investigation, showing how people received money and gear to act as pro-Serj/Kocharyan mob).
Says BHK is using its news network Kentron to propagate a smear campaign against Bright Armenia.
The feud begun when Marukyan pressured Tsarukyan during the Parliamentary debate on live-TV, criticizing the thin line between his business and politics.
BHK responds to Marukyan. Says the law doesn't prevent businessmen from being politicians, and that "Tsarukyan isn't an oligarch because he doesn't use his political power to enrich himself".
Says the law passed earlier gave investors who invested $100mln in the economy more favorable conditions regarding the casino business, and that no one is preventing others from making such investments too. Says Tsarukyan's casinos cannot be a monopoly because another businessman was given identical casino privileges, but isn't using them.
Says they support the March 1st investigation. Denies the Marukyan's claim that Kocharyan is the real founder of BHK. Calls Marukyan "too small of a person" to be subject of Tsarukyan's center of attention, in response to Marukyan's claims that BHK sent him threats about not being able to walk on the streets on the daylight.
BHK member Enfiajyan (who was earlier caught using fake social media accounts and apparently violating election observing laws), calls for Edmon Marukyan to be arrested for allegedly lying to the Parliament on 2012 about being a resident of Armenia for at least 5 years. (the law requires MPs to be permanent residents for 5 years prior to serving in Parliament).
Informed Citizens denies Enfiajyan's claims that Marukyan broke the law on 2012. Says the law passed on 2011 does not define a temporarily relocated person (Marukyan studied abroad for over a year) as someone who isn't a "permanent resident".
Moreover, the law was clarified on 2016, and it explicitly states that if the person went abroad for an education needed for the public office job, the time spent abroad does not disqualify him. Absence for up to 2 years for any reason also does not disqualify the person, even if it was for non-education reasons.
Food safety committee suspends manufacturer TUKASA for producing pelmeni and kotlets with high amounts of food bacteria. https://armenpress.am/arm/news/958373.html
Human's Rights Office had earlier challenged several 2017 laws in the Constitutional Court. The Court has just ruled the laws as unconstitutional. The Office says this will strengthen businesses's property and several other rights. http://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/150747
Russian and Armenian troops conducted a training involving military drones in the mountains. In another location, 100 Russian soldiers were conducting a joint training involving 50 tanks and other vehicles. https://armenpress.am/arm/news/958459.html ---- https://armenpress.am/arm/news/958462.html
Russian FM Sergey Lavrov says Yerevan and Moscow are working on an agreement that will provide transparency around the work conducted by foreign medical laboratories in Armenia, to assure they aren't being used by the American military. It appears that some outlets have erroneously reported it as an agreement that prohibits military bases in general.
Foreign labs in Russia's neighboring nations (mostly Georgia and Ukraine) are currently a hot topic of discussion in Russia. Conspiracy theories have been circulated suspecting that western powers might be using them to cause biological harm to Russian farmers and their harvest, and to spread uncommon flue traces. The theories were fueled after Russia was hit by an unusually strong flue epidemic which came earlier than usual.
Few months ago, Armenian labs allowed Russian experts to enter the facilities and become familiarized with the work that was being done. The Russian experts did not find anything concerning.
http://www.panarmenian.net/arm/news/263612/ ------ www.aysor.am/am/news/2018/12/17/Երևան-Լավրով/1504961
All-Armenia fund will allow 171 Tavush families to receive solar energy next year, in addition to improving farming and providing new breeds of kettle for higher productivity https://hetq.am/hy/article/99331
The government has authorized imports of certain medications that haven't been fully tested in Armenia yet, but have met the basic safety checks by the international medical bodies. Beginning next year, children will receive these cancer medications for free. The latest tuberculosis, HIV and malaria drugs also fall under the category. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVb9I-vmGnI
Tourism grew 76%. Armenia became the #1 New Year travel destination for Russians. 12% cheaper air fares and low cost accommodations have contributed to the spike. There is a general trend of Russians traveling more towards neighboring nations than EU.
Tourism from China and India has doubled. 20% increase from USA. A decrease was seen from Iran due to their internal economic problems.
Ayy you're not gonna believe this one. There are no training pools in Armenia for synchronized diving sport. The athletes jump individually, then during a competition in another country, they get an opportunity to jump together. That is essentially the only training they get together.
Despite that, the team won a bronze medal in European championship, and a silver medal in an international competition held in Ukraine.
Boxer Arman Darchinyan wins bronze in international competition held in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia. https://armenpress.am/arm/news/958335.html
Boxer Levon Hakobyan wins WBC champion's title http://www.panarmenian.net/arm/news/263601/
Boxer Artyom Dalakian (17-0, 12 КО) defends his WBA boxing championship title against Grigorio LeBron. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FXorl6h9oA ------- https://armenpress.am/arm/news/958350.html
Soccer Federation chief Arthur Vanetsyan says he has negotiated with a world famous soccer player to have him move to Armenia and help train teams and improve the sport in the country. Vanetsyan isn't allowed to reveal his name until January. https://armenpress.am/arm/news/958372.html
(my money is on Yuri Djorkaeff)
London Chess Tournament is underway. Levon Aronyan played a tie once more against the world championship runner-up Fabiano Caruana. The winner takes the 3rd place. https://www.a1plus.am/1654271.html
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Best of the Best State Reads, Week of April 21!

Welcome back to another (day late) edition of this week's best state reads. Let's get to it.
We start in Missouri from where The Washington Post offered an exceptional look at the awful case of political attacks and public official suicides.
ST. LOUIS — One month before his suicide, Tom Schweich announced that he was running for governor. He looked pale and tired, with dark crescents under his eyes, but he spoke with precision and force. He told supporters he had learned to fight liberals by attending Harvard and Yale, to fight corruption by serving as state auditor, and to fight terrorism by serving the U.S. government in Afghanistan.
“At the State Department, I negotiated with everybody from Chinese bureaucrats to Afghan warlords,” he said. “And I’ll tell you: Negotiating with Afghan warlords was really good practice for Missouri politics.”
On the morning of Feb. 26, Schweich put a .22-­caliber handgun to his left temple and pulled the trigger. He left behind a wife, two children and a Missouri Republican Party divided over the meaning of his death.
Next up something lighter, but no less important: This story of lame duck Kentucky legislators who, despite their lame-duskiness, went on convention trips at taxpayers' expense -- including a cruise.
An analysis by The Courier-Journal of legislative records shows taxpayers paid about $101,000 in salary and $146,500 in expenses to legislators to attend out-of-state meetings during the 12-month period between Dec. 1, 2013 and Nov. 30, 2014.
Such gatherings have agendas backed with programs on education, justice, economic development and other issues important to state lawmakers. But most also set aside time to enjoy local sites. For instance, one of the five days of the Anchorage convention was devoted to an "Alaska Railroad and Kenai Fjords Cruise."
Third we visit New York, where, according to my calculations, about 84 percent of state lawmakers are under corruption investigations, give or take. This, of course, includes the top legislative leaders in Albany.
Investigators have served a number of subpoenas in recent weeks, including several to state senators on Long Island, and federal prosecutors have interviewed people who have had dealings with Adam Skelos, the Republican senator’s son.
News of the investigation follows the arrest this year of Assemblyman Sheldon Silver, a Manhattan Democrat, and his resignation as speaker; any criminal case against Senator Skelos, the majority leader, would throw the Capitol into further tumult.
Fourth is another nice data feature from The Texas Tribune, exploring the ranks of undocumented college students in the Lone Star State. The piece is all the more important because lawmakers are considering repealing a measure that allows many undocumented students to pay in-state tuition. This puts that debate into perspective.
Amid legislative efforts to repeal in-state tuition for undocumented students, one figure is rarely mentioned: 2 percent.
That's the portion of Texas students enrolled in an institution of higher education who are either undocumented or not permanent residents and receive the reduced rate.
And finally: Two stories on a lighter note: A literal food fight in Alabama over what should be the state's official dessert. With this excellent passage:
State Senator Billy Beasley of Clanton introduced a resolution to name the Lane Cake the Official Dessert of Alabama. The Lane Cake is a southern staple with a filling made of sugar, pecans, raisins, coconut and bourbon. Who could object to that?
Senator Slade Blackwell of Talladega, that's who.
And the other, also from the South (coincidence?) has Mississippi's governor rappelling down the outside of a casino, because charity. Seriously.
They started on the 27th floor and rappelled 278 feet down the hotel that overlooks the Mississippi Sound. The Republican governor's reaction after he was finished? "Wow. The first step was the biggest one.
That's all for this week. Is something missing? Let us know in the comments.
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